MAJOR SCALES FOR BANJO IN GTUNINGTablEdited by John Fabkexe}^@ II@II I`IIII@III I` I I I I@ I I I ^ I`IIII @I I I^@ I`III I@III I`IIII@II I "I`"I"I"I# I@# I#I#I 'I`'I'I'I(I@(I(I(I ,I`,I,I,I-I@-A.^ 1I 23 I@3 I3 I3I5^@ 6I`6I6I6I8I@8I8I8I ;I`;I;I;I=I@=I=I=I @I`@I@I@IB I@B IB IBI EI`EIEIEIGI@GIGIGI JI`JIJIJILI@LILILI OI`OIOIOIQ @Q^AIBCfScale "A" runs through all of the possible G major scale notes you can play in the first position. Although the scale starts on the low D note, be aware of where the root note (G) is. TheG notes are on the open 3rd string and the first string, 5th fret. Scales "B" and "C" are G major scales running up and down on one string. The root note, G, is on the 5th fret on the first string and on the 8th fret on the second string. When you are playing on one string you can see major scales by using the pattern: W-W-H-W-W-W-H. (W=whole step or 2 frets, H=1/2 step or 1 fret) Try playing a simple melody on one"%).Banjo open G